Friday, January 7, 2011

VIDEO: My Nail Stamping Method

Here is a video for those of you that are curious about how all of this nail stamping business works! So many people ask me how its goes!

Sorry so Blurry! and the reason the first stamp didn't stamp well is because I waited too long..I was just rambling on while the polish was drying..ha ha..DUH! Also I forgot to mention that you alway want to start out with a CLEAN, DRY plate.

Thanks for watching!

Alaina xoxo


  1. Damn it Alaina the video is private and I was curious!


  2. UGH! Dang it..thanks for letting me know. It should be fixed now. :)

  3. OOOH that makes sense. The way I was envisioning it was very confusing. HAHA

  4. "How I do MY konad..." BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love you!

  5. hahaha..I'm glad I could clear it up for you Girl!