Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NAIL FAIL! They can't all be beauties...

So I was swatching some new Polishes and I tried this Rosy Pink Shimmery polish. It is very pretty alone and I should have KEPT it that way! ha ha

China Glaze Awakening

Then I used Bundle Master plate BM21 to put this design on my pretty pink nails..ummmm

This was the first time ever using this design..I want to like it I just have no Idea what color combination to use it on.

What is this supposed to be? Cherries? ha ha. I don't know I am going to  keep trying until I find a color combo that works. I used OPI black Onyx for the design but it looks brown when on the nail. Maybe that's why I am not to fond of this Manicure. I am not a big fan of brown. Meh. What color combinations do you think I should try with this design?

ha ha thanks for reading and following if you have!



  1. new follower ♥
    I kind of like it but I love pink & brown! :-) Maybe a white & red? I think they are cherries after all :-)

  2. Ha ha?! really?! Well I am glad someone does. This was an Instant remove.

  3. For something kinda vintage-funky, do that light blue with bright red cherries.

  4. Thanks Ladies! I will try this using red for sure! I like the white and light blue so maybe a really funky Manicure with alternating white and pale blue..hmmmmmmm. You guys are awesome.