Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Vanity Setup

Hey girlies...This is a post to show off the sweet Vanity that I got as an early Christmas Present from my Love! I have wanted this forever and I was so excited when I finally got it! I have a few more things I want to add like a lamp, some cute little shelves and another storage drawer. But here is what I've got so far. (I know it might seem random to post this but I found myself searching the internet for other makeup/vanity setups and I was enthralled! I am a nerd and I love organization and stuff like that. I think its awesome seeing how other people have all of their stuff set up! I know I'm a weirdo...but in case there was anyone out there that was curious here is my setup. :)
More pics after the jump!

Two separate pieces Both from Ikeas MICKE Collection...See more about this collection HERE
oh and there is my Kitty Lexi! I wanted this Mirror SO bad and my wonderful amazing boyfriend got it for me..even though it was 60$ (Lowes) Yikes! 

I got this awesome Jewelry stand from Urban outfitters. It was 32 bucks but I had a win! You can buy that here Little Birch Jewelry Stand

So Organized! I love it! I've even been called a "Monica" haha ;)

I  also got these from Ikea..Great deal too! The glasses holding the brushes and liners were 2 bucks! the smaller dish was 4 and the bigger dish was 6. BARGAIN! I LOVE IKEA!

I totally thought that these drawers were black but they're clearly blue..ugh..But I am going to have a project! My plan is to get some Black and white contact paper to cover the blue drawers..maybe a pretty Toile design. 

                        Top coats...base coats...cuticle treatments...Nail plates...files..and other thingies.
                    I don't have NEARLY enough polish. but thats ok because I have tons of room for more! 


Journals/Lip stuff/Lashes

So there it is...I hope if you are someone looking for a new Vanity Area this interested or helped you. I know there are people out there that are saying "who cares about what your vanity looks like you silly goose" But I know I was SEARCHING for ideas and also  because I was curious what other Setups looked like. I was going to do a video but I don't know if anyone would want to watch it ha ha. I would do one upon request though for sure! Thanks for reading and Following if you have. Have a fabulous day Pretties!



  1. So, I love it! I had been organized like that at one point but since having kids, I can't keep them out of it! lol. Actually, I should say since adding another one. Kaelyn by herself was ok but throw her brother in the mix and it's chaos! And now we're adding a 3rd. lol

  2. Thanks doll! Jazzy is already so interested in my makeup and polish.. I think I am just going to surround my area with baby gates. ha ha!

  3. What a beautiful space to play. It's lovely. :-)

  4. lol! Good luck! Payson just pushes them over and Kaelyn knows how to open some of them now. ha ha!

  5. Where did you get the lighting? I've been looking for lighting similar to that but nothing I've found can be plugged in a socket!