Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blast From the Past! Hard Candy..Skye

 Hello Loves! So the Other day I was in Walmart and I saw This pretty pale blue darling. Hard Candy is the Brand and I remember it from back in the day. It was always in Seventeen magazine. The cute little polishes with the ring on the top. All of the Cool Girls had these polishes (I wasn't one of them. I was and still am a nerd :p ). It was even in the poker scene of the remake of the Parent Trap with Lindsey Lohan.(yes I have seen that movie a million times and I love it!)  So obviously I had to pick this up. I have heard that this is a different formula then the original. It's not as chalky and this version of Skye even has a slight shimmer.
Hard Candy..Skye..4.00$
Pale Baby Blue...This is 2 coats

Picture makes it look really light.maybe I should have added another coat..hmmmm

I like this polish..I believe I will go back and buy more of the Hard Candy Polishes in the future..lets face it though I buy polish where ever its available.  I am addicted and I need to catch up to all you other polish addicts! I don't even have 100 Bottles! Ahhhhhhh! MUST GET MORE POLISH!
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  1. Don't do it, I have TOO much and I feel guilty. But I had all the Hard Candy eyeshadow palettes. I was sooooo cool! LOL! Not really though, I was the unpopular chubby girl I just tried really really hard. HA!

  2. I have to do it! It's a collection..and nail polish is cheap! ha ha..and the boyfriend is very supportive and understanding so its a done deal he he! Next step is to ask him to build me a nail rack :)

  3. You have such nice hands too!! ;)