Saturday, January 15, 2011

**Matt Top Coat Comparison**

Hello loves! I know the Matte nail polish is an old trend in the nail polish community but its new to me! This is my first time working with Matte top coats and Nail polishes. I love trying new things!

I was trying out these three top coats the Hard Candy one was $4.00 at Walmart and the Essie Matte About You was $10.00 at and the China Glaze Matte Magic was $3.00 also at I also used Orly Matte Vinyl which is just a Matte Black Polish and that was $6.00.


They all look and feel the same.. ha ha. The Orly Matte Vinyl has a little more shine to it.

The Matte feel on my nails is kind of trippy. I like it a lot though. I can't wait to try it with a bunch of other colors. My boyfriend always checks out my Manicures and he was pretty curious about the Matte Polish Top Coat. "So you can put that on a Shiny blue and it will turn Matte?...Whoa Chemistry is crazy...I wonder how they do that.  That's kinda cool" hahaha He's so cute!

On everything but the pinky nails is 2 coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather. and on my Ring, Middle, And pointer  are two coats of the Matt polishes. On my Pinky nail is the two coats of Orly Matte Viny. I left my thumb shiny.= so you can see the comparison. Way different!!

Murdered Out!!

Basically I would go with the China Glaze or Hard Candy matte top coats because they are way cheaper and do the same thing as the Essie Top coat. They all seemed to dry at the same time also. I think I am good on Matte Top Coats for a while hahaha. Do you guys like the Matte Look? What matte polishes do you like? Thanks for reading and following if you have!!

Alaina xoxo


  1. Gaaahhh, I'm still waiting to find the Hard Candy matte top coat at my Walmart! I'm about halfway through my bottle of Matte About You, so it better show up soon... :) Thanks for the comparison!

  2. YAY!! so glad you did this i've been wondering which one to buy!! And they have it at walmart!! Awesome Thanks!!

  3. No problem! I am glad I could help out..they are all great but yah the hard Candy coat is reasonably priced and you can buy it at most super Walmarts.. thanks for reading!