Monday, January 3, 2011


HOLY COW! I've got 36 followers already and my little baby blog isn't even one month old yet! I appreciate all of the readers and followers all over the world.. I had NO idea I was going to have people reading my blog from outside of the US haha..that never occured to me.To see readers in  Israel Estonia..Malta(which I had to google ha!) Hong Kong , Austrailia, Singapore, Germany, Sweden,Greece,Spain, Belgium,France, UK, I was shocked and amazed! I love you all..thanks for reading and tell your friends! Please don't ever hesitate to reach out to me via email/twitter/comments with any suggestions or ideas you have for me! Let me know your favorite colors brands designs all of that good stuff!
 Thank you all again!


  1. I know right!? I googled Surprise Kitty and this little guy came up. love it!

  2. I've really been loving your blog <3

  3. Thank you Jennifer! I know there are tons out there like it so thanks for checking mine out :)