Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life is pain. Life is only pain. We're all taught to believe in happy fairy-tale endings, but there is only blackness. Dark, depressing loneliness that eats at your soul.

HA! KIDDING! That is a line from one of the goth kids  on South Park..I found it fitting since I am showing you all this dark/sparkly Beauty..Orlys GOTH.

The perfect black with silver specks. It reminds me of a pitch black sky with tons of stars.

Great application. Orly has amazing formulas! I could have went with one coat if I was paying attention but I wasn't and went with two.

I love Black nail polish. I used to only wear it when my nails were short but these days I don't care. This is a must have Polish. If you don't own it..go buy it!

Alaina xoxo


  1. Bahaha, YES! I freaking love South Park.

  2. Me too! That show cracks me up and the goth kids are some of my favorites. and I LOVE Butters!!