Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Black Glitter Polish!

Hey Ladies! Just a quick swatch of China Glaze Cosmic. I just got this and its amazing! It is a pretty Black Jelly with glitter..Swoon!

No Flash

Two Coats

I am going back to the dark side haha. I am actually surprised I didn't use this one sooner because I have had it for a few weeks now. I made sure to put on a nice thick base coat before this to prevent staining. I hope you guys like it! Thanks for reading! 

Alaina xoxo

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stepping out of the Darkness! HALLELUJAH!!!

After looking at the last few posts that I did, I realized I was on a dark kick. I have certainly NOT been in a bummed mood  so no worries there. I usually try to switch it up but I have been slacking so for todays manicure I decided to do a bright fun Manicure using more of my new Bundle Monster Plates. Check it out friends!

My materials (most of them) I used the tweezer to peel off the blue plastic from the Bundle Monster Plates that I have never used. 

Two Coats of China Glaze Sugar High. I love this Pretty pink creme it photographs so well. The design is  China Glaze White on White using Bundle Monster Plate BM-209

FUN! This will go great with the ALL black and grey I am going to wear tomorrow! Ha ha..Grey slacks Black top...boring...but my nails will pop and I will put a pretty pink Flower in my hair so I don't look like too much of a shlub.

I love this plate..look at the lil witches hat! It makes me want to do a Halloween Mani like NOW!!
I hope you ladies like the Mani..this was originally going to be a Matte Monday post but It was so pretty and shiny I think it would have lost everything if it was matte.

Thanks for reading!

Alaina xoxo

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pretty Periwinkle Manicure!

Hello there Cupcakes! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Mine was FABULOUS! Did a lot of hanging out with my little one, relaxing at home, and got some new nail babies that I LOVE! Check out this manicure I did using one of my pretty new blue cremes..

China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le (two coats)
I love this design..Bundle Monster Plate BM-223 using Orly Matte Vinyl 

Up Close!

Also got this giant bottle of Seche Vite that comes with a regular bottle. This is 4oz of the best top coat ever for 18 dollars from Head2towbeauty.com. I refilled all of my empty-ish bottles and still have half of the bottle left. Such a great deal!  (the little nozzle did not work for my I just poured the polish in carefully with out any issues)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy this manicure as much as I do!

Alaina xoxo

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday! Purple Mani!!

Hey Loves! I hope you are all having a great Friday so far! Check out this mani I didi using on of the new Bundle Monster Plates! The new plates are fabulous...they work beautifully.

Two coats of China Glaze VIII and the design is from Bundle Monster Plate BM-204 in White On White from China Glaze as well.

Up Close!

My nails are starting to grow long again...I think I am going to keep them at this length for a while...ok MAYBE I will go a bit longer! I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Rapture.. :p Thanks for Reading and BE SAFE this weekend friends!
Alaina xoxox

Monday, May 16, 2011

NOT Matte Monday!

Hey loves! I decided to skip the Matte Monday this week because I just got some awesome new glitter polishes at Walmart! This is my first time using and of the Pure Ice polishes and they aren't bad for only  2 dollars.
Two coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather and then Two Coats of Pure Ice Cheatin' (purple and blue glitter in  clear base.)

Up close :)

I love this combination, It looks really pretty in the sun light too.
I hope you guys like it. Thank you for reading!

Alaina xoxo

Friday, May 13, 2011

What Time Is It!?

ADVENTURE TIME! Hey loves! Check out my Adventure Time Manicure..My friend told me that I should do Adventure Time nails and I was like"YESSS! BEST IDEA EVER!" I love this cartoon so much. It cracks me up..I am a big kid.

Fin//Lumpy Space Princess//Jake// Marceline

I used my new Migi Nail Art Pens and free handed the characters. I LOVEEE these pens they make such fine lines its great. I got them from Amazon.com and right after this Mani I ordered a bunch more. 

 I bought mine here...MIGI NAIL ART PENS. This manicure was so fun and easy to do with the pens. I should have bought them AGES ago. I can't wait to do so many more Free Hand Manicures.
I hope you like my fun cartoon nails!  Happy Friday the 13th..everyone have a safe and FUN weekend!

Peace, Love, and Endless Adventures :)
Alaina xoxox

Monday, May 9, 2011

Matte Monday! With Polka Dots!

Hey Loves! This Matte Monday Manicure features China Glaze Below Deck and some cute white Polka dots. Very fun!

China Glaze Below Deck and the Polka dots are Orly Pointe Blanche. I used the Bundle Monster Plate BM19 for the design.
One coat of the super fast drying Essie Matte About You top coat and my mani is all set. This is a really good one for if you work in an office..not too busy and loud. I really don't care about that though. I will go to work with lime green and Magenta Leopard print. ha ha.
What Do ya think? Thanks for reading Dolls! Have a great week!

Alaina xoxo

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My New Bundle Monster Plates Came in!

Hey Cupcakes! Yesterday I got my fabulous new Bundle Monster Nail Plates in the mail and I was so excited! Check out a few pics from me playing around with my new loves.


Blue plastic protecting the designs.

The base color is Hard Candy Mr. Wrong. I have been looking for this color for the LONGEST time and I found it at a Walmart in Glendale.  The design is China Glaze Devotion. This manicure was just me playing around I didn't have much time. I will do a really snazzy one for tomorrows post! Thank you for reading loves. I hope you are having a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Matt Monday (Tuesday Edition) Nail Fail...

 Hey loves! I am just going to let the pictures describe how awful this mani is..Not the polish color which is two coats of China Glazes Electric Pineapple...Just the awful design..ha ha..Also I'm sorry this Matte Monday is late. :/
hahaha WTF?!

Thanks for checking it out loves! I am currently waiting on my NEW Bundle Monster Plates that I ordered HERE and Also my New MIGI Nail Art Pens that I ordered HERE! I will step my nail game up from this awful Manicure! Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Alaina xoxo