Monday, May 23, 2011

Stepping out of the Darkness! HALLELUJAH!!!

After looking at the last few posts that I did, I realized I was on a dark kick. I have certainly NOT been in a bummed mood  so no worries there. I usually try to switch it up but I have been slacking so for todays manicure I decided to do a bright fun Manicure using more of my new Bundle Monster Plates. Check it out friends!

My materials (most of them) I used the tweezer to peel off the blue plastic from the Bundle Monster Plates that I have never used. 

Two Coats of China Glaze Sugar High. I love this Pretty pink creme it photographs so well. The design is  China Glaze White on White using Bundle Monster Plate BM-209

FUN! This will go great with the ALL black and grey I am going to wear tomorrow! Ha ha..Grey slacks Black top...boring...but my nails will pop and I will put a pretty pink Flower in my hair so I don't look like too much of a shlub.

I love this plate..look at the lil witches hat! It makes me want to do a Halloween Mani like NOW!!
I hope you ladies like the Mani..this was originally going to be a Matte Monday post but It was so pretty and shiny I think it would have lost everything if it was matte.

Thanks for reading!

Alaina xoxo


  1. this is so pretty and nice for the warmer weather too :)
    shel xx

  2. I've been eying that pattern on my plates, and you placed it perfectly! Gorgeous pink too.

  3. oooo love that pink for summer!

    I am gifting you with the Kreativ Blogger Award! <3 No biggie if you don't want to participate (or already received it), but swing by my blog to have a good laugh at my secrets :D