Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sneak Peek: NEW Bundle Monster Plates!

I am all about that wavy guy on the bottom right..super rad!

 Check out this comparison picture..Much better! The design on the far left...AMAZING!

Hey Loves! My Nail polish/design addicted heart skipped a beat when I saw that new Bundle Monster plates were on the way!
Bundle Monters facebook says that there are 25 plates with 150 Images! 
It also says that full nail images are bigger to fit thumb (amazing for my GIGANTIC freakish thumbs). There is a BLUE plastic covering that is easier to see and remove than their previous clear covering. Sounds like they listened! I love when companies really listen and pay attention to what the people that buy their products have to say..whether it's praise or suggestions..or even down right complaining ha ha.

All of these plate will be available for $21.99, which is an AMAZING deal. Check out Bundle Monster on Facebook here to see more images!  I can not wait to get my hands on these babies! from the look of one of the pics on their facebook page I am seeing a lot of full patterns which has me JACKED UP with excitement and a bit of anxiety ha ha..what if they sell out?! EEEEEK! 

I will update this post when I find out when these lovelies go on sale. 
Thanks for reading friends!

Alaina xoxo

The most expensive Polish I have ever purchased....So far

Hey loves! Check out my first polish splurge! I love the formula and the application..totally worth it! My next polish splurge will be a few of the Deborah Lippmans. I just have to bring myself to spending that much on just a few when i can go to Head2toe beauty and buy 20! ha ha. Jeeeeeeez!


Beautiful Purple...Very rich and regal. I love this.

This is easily one of my favorite purples..

Thanks for reading loves!

Alaina xoxo

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guys....I have a problem...

I think I am addicted to Crack....le. I love playing with these polishes. There are so many amazing combinations that work. Check out this manicure with the China Glaze white Crackle in Lightning Bolt. LOVE IT!

Two coats of Orly Goth my favorite black (I just bought 2 more bottles of it  because I love it so much!) and then one coat of China Glaze Lightning Bolt. 

I like to call this one..Cracked Cow.  ha!

What do you guys think? I wanted to do a black and white crackle combination for a while and I am really happy with the way this turned out. Sorry for the excessive crackle manis...I lost my Konad scraper so I had to order another one. The stamping will be back soon! Thank you for reading sweeties.

Alaina xoxox 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Matte Monday!

Hello Cupcakes! Welcome to a New installment on The Brrrds Nest..Matte Monday! Instead of a Manic Monday why not have a Matte Mani...sounds way better right?  Check out this manicure I did with O.P.I You Don't Know Jaques! It's a pretty Brey (brown/grey). I love how tame it is. It stands out in its own calm way.

Two Coats of the color and then one coat of Essie's matte about you top coat.
I really don't use my Matte top coats enough..I've got like 16 of them so why not! I love the effect on this color.

I added a little Flower to jazz it up. I used a dotting tool..super simple.

Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!

Alaina xoxo

Sunday, March 27, 2011

LAVA in the Streets!

Hey friends...You might need to put get your shades out again for this manicure.
This Manicure is the entire reason I wanted the grey crackle. I loved the idea  of a neon orange lava breaking through the Cracked Concrete.

Three coats of Sun Worshiper and One coat of Cracked Concrete. Pretty cool!

I hope you guys like it! Thank You all so much for reading, following and leaving comments!

Peace, Love and HOT LAVA!

Alaina xoxo

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This one has me Revvved Up!

Hello loves! I was so right about how I was going to have a love affair with this polish. Revvvolution by Color Club is an amazing Gun Metal Holographic polish. It is beautiful!

Two Coats...I could have even gotten away with only one coat but I wasn't focused.

Annnnnnd of course I missed the sun light again! ha ha..I suck.
This was my first exeperience with Color Club and I will definitely be buying more.   The formula is great and I am a fan of the two I purchased..and at 3 bucks a pop you can't beat that.
This is one of my new favorite holos FOR SURE! I like it even better than O.P.I My Private Jet and I wore the HECK out of that one! ha ha
Thanks for reading!

Peace, Love, and getting Revvved up over new Polish!

Alaina xoxox

Friday, March 25, 2011

Exciting things for my Collection!

Well my friends, I am quickly running out of room in my vanity for all of the amazing products I want to put on my face and my nails ha ha. That can only mean one thing. Stop buying?! Oh heavens no. I will soon be getting a vanity upgrade from my awesome Boyfriend..including Shelves, a polish rack, and more storage drawers...YES! Check out some of my new gems for my collection that is currently bursting at the seems in my vanity area..ha!

My order from Cherry Culture came in the mail..I was so excited to play with the Jumbo eye Pencils! They are a bargain as 3.50 each and make for great bases before  eye shadow.
Horseradish//Electric Blue//Pots&Pans//Milk//Black Bean//French Fries
I used Milk as a base this morning and it made my bright yellow and orange shadow POP! It went on super smooth and blended fabulously. I am very pleased with these babies and I can't wait to try the rest of them. :)

same order as listed above..

Look what else  came with my order..what a nice surprise..How did they know I love lip balm even more so when it's free. 

Cracked Concrete//Broken Hearted// Lightning Bolt

Also..the completion of my China Glaze Crackle collection came from my love Mackenzie! Well, almost completion I have all but the black one but why bother with that one when I have a perfectly good O.P.I Black Shatter. I cant wait to do a black and white manicure with Lightning Bolt.
Thanks for reading!
 Peace, Love, and makeup out the WAAHZOO!

Alaina xoxo

A Day at The Renaissance Festival

 Hazzah!! One of my favorite things to do when Spring comes is visit the Renaissance Festival. The people watching, the shows, the shops, and most of all the FOOD! Check out a few (okay more than a few) pics from our fun times!

"I'm gonna need you to slip this bunny in your purse Momma"

Little Village..I could never go back in time...I would be a wreck...No lip Gloss???!! WHAT!!

I love the idea of the lemons in the water for washing hands.

Excuse me couple behind me...don't you know this is a photo shoot?! Get out of my shot yo! ha!


I think this was directed at me.

cute little shop!

I had a few drinks...what of it?! ha ha

Matched my nails perfectly to my tank. China Glaze// High Hopes ( excuse my busted cuticles :/ )

wiped out.

So that was my day..Minus the Turkey leg, Pastries, Giant Pickle, steak on a stake...oh boy! Luckily we walked off a ton of the calories  we were there for about 7 hours haha. It was a blast!
Thanks for reading!
Peace, Love, and Memorable Family Outings!

Alaina xoxo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've Missed You So Much!

Hello Muffins! Sorry for my lack of blogging lately..I have been so super busy! The feeling of guilt that I had for not blogging in almost a WEEK is insane! Ha ha. But No worries! I am back!  In the last week I have gotten a lot of goodies that I can't wait to share with you! I have even been picking up things here and there for my 100 followers Giveaway! I am TWELVE followers away!!!  (tell your friends!)

Check out my new babies..
You Don't Know Jacques!//Glitzerland 

Ulta Polishes 2 for 5$..Yes please and Thank You!
Blue Streak// Jaded

I had NO IDEA they sold NYX Products at Ulta...I had just ordered a bunch from that is why I only picked up one...Now that I think of it though, I should have got some extras. grrrrr. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils and Blending Brush...These Pencils are so rich..I just adore them!

New Retractable Kabuki Brush from EcoTools

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lime// Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils in Clinic (middle) and Rehab (bottom)

Burberry The Beat..I love this scent! Sephora just gets me with those 3 free samples! hahaha. I  was crushed when I ran out of the sample last week so I put on my big girl panties and splurged for a big one..I have worn it every day since I bought it. Mini Haul

I sure do love coming home from an 11 hour work day to a little white box..especially if there are new polishes in them! 
My First Color Club polishes! Yay!! I am expanding ya'll!
Worth The Risque// Revvvolution I have a feeling Revvvolution and I are going to have an awesome Summer love affair.

Emerald Fitzgerald(finally!!)//Ingrid//Let's Groove

Classic Camel//Swing Baby//GR8 
First Nubars! Glittery Star Sparkle...Two Nubar 2010's because I knew I would Lurrrrve the effect!

I can't wait to try everything and share it with you! I hope you all have been doing well! 
ALSO! My first giveaway was a success. Kim over at  dottiek recieved her prezzies this week! I was so nervous because I had never sent anything out of the Country!  Ha!

Thanks for reading.

Peace, Love, and BRAND New Polish!

Alaina xoxo

Friday, March 18, 2011

Candy From Strangers

Hey Loves! Sorry if you are sick and tired of seeing Crackle polishes everywhere you look ha ha. I am just having such a fun time playing with these. The last few times I have been to Sally's Beauty Supply there has been one lonely China Glaze Crackle Polish. I feel so sorry for it that I just HAVE to take it home to be a part of my Polish Family ha ha.

Crushed Candy on top of two coats of Orly Goth. Hmmm...Crushed Candy looks VERY familiar..oh wait thats because it China Glaze For Audrey in Crackle Form.

Basically, EXACTLY the same ha ha. I'm ok with it though because For Audrey is one of my favorite cremes and it's awesome to have a crackle version of it. Crushed Candy cracked great. I tried something different on my pinky and I put it on horizontally. There is a slight difference nothing too huge.

I love the pale Tiffany & Co. blue with black. It is really cool.

So far I am really loving the China Glaze Crackles..It's great having the color options. There are so many awesome combinations that will work together. I want to try them ALLLL! Ha ha. Thanks for reading, following, and commenting!

Peace, Love, and Crushed Candy!

Alaina xoxo

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Manicure

No, I'm not Irish but I like to get in the spirit! Here is a fun one. I love just doing an accent nail for special occasions. Also If I want to recycle the manicure I just remove the polish on the accent nail and do something else. It saves so much time. :)
China Glaze Hologram//China Glaze Starboard on my Ring Finger with Orly Pointe Blanche for the Clovers..Bundle Monster Plate BM 03

This year St. Patricks Day is on a Thursday and that's my day off. Woo Hoo! I would like to go out but honestly I probably won't. What are your plans for St. Partricks Day? Any special Manicure planned? I'd Love to see! Whatever you decide to do please be safe and have a BLAST!
Thank you for reading and following! 

Love, Peace,  and Green EVERYTHING!

Alaina xoxo