Sunday, March 27, 2011

LAVA in the Streets!

Hey friends...You might need to put get your shades out again for this manicure.
This Manicure is the entire reason I wanted the grey crackle. I loved the idea  of a neon orange lava breaking through the Cracked Concrete.

Three coats of Sun Worshiper and One coat of Cracked Concrete. Pretty cool!

I hope you guys like it! Thank You all so much for reading, following and leaving comments!

Peace, Love and HOT LAVA!

Alaina xoxo


  1. That looks great! I think I need to get down to Sallys and get some of the Crackle polishes :D xxx

  2. Kim...I am officially obsessed with them! Thank you!

    Thanks Mackenzie! I am glad that you like it!