Saturday, March 12, 2011

The BEST Eye Makeup Remover..EVER!

Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover  $23
(and worth EVERY penny!)

Hey Loves...A few weeks ago I saw this post 'My New Best Makeup Remover' by the beautiful EmmaDazzle  and I was AMAZED! I literally went to Sephora THAT day to go buy this product. The pictures speak for themselves.

Full face..(concealer//Foundation Powder)
Too Faced Shadow Insurance//Make Up Forever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow//M.A.C Retro-Speck Eye Shadow//Urban Decay Underland Eye Shadow// M.A.C Rice Paper Eye Shadow (highlight)//Urban Decay Zero Eye Liner set with Urban Decay Jabberwocky on the lash line// M.A.C Mysterious Eye Shadow to fill in the Brows.

Wow that is A LOT of Make Up..ha ha But I wanted to pack it on to show you just how well this product works!
I soak a cotton round in the product and place it on my eye lid firmly..after about 15 seconds I move my fingers in a gentle, circular motion for about 10 seconds or so..then I fold the cotton round in half and use the edge to easily wipe the makeup from my lash line and then BAM!

ALL of my  make up is on the cotton round and I am left with this...

Please don't mind my tired eyes :) ha ha.

 I love wearing Eye Makeup but removing it was always the worst for me, it always seemed like I could never get all of it off and I would scrub and scrub and leave my skin so tender. The Bobbi Brown remover is so gentle on my eyes no redness no soreness...amazing! Thank you EmmaDazzle for your post about this! 

You can order yours HERE on the Sephora Website!

Thanks for reading! 

Alaina xoxo

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