Friday, March 25, 2011

Exciting things for my Collection!

Well my friends, I am quickly running out of room in my vanity for all of the amazing products I want to put on my face and my nails ha ha. That can only mean one thing. Stop buying?! Oh heavens no. I will soon be getting a vanity upgrade from my awesome Boyfriend..including Shelves, a polish rack, and more storage drawers...YES! Check out some of my new gems for my collection that is currently bursting at the seems in my vanity area..ha!

My order from Cherry Culture came in the mail..I was so excited to play with the Jumbo eye Pencils! They are a bargain as 3.50 each and make for great bases before  eye shadow.
Horseradish//Electric Blue//Pots&Pans//Milk//Black Bean//French Fries
I used Milk as a base this morning and it made my bright yellow and orange shadow POP! It went on super smooth and blended fabulously. I am very pleased with these babies and I can't wait to try the rest of them. :)

same order as listed above..

Look what else  came with my order..what a nice surprise..How did they know I love lip balm even more so when it's free. 

Cracked Concrete//Broken Hearted// Lightning Bolt

Also..the completion of my China Glaze Crackle collection came from my love Mackenzie! Well, almost completion I have all but the black one but why bother with that one when I have a perfectly good O.P.I Black Shatter. I cant wait to do a black and white manicure with Lightning Bolt.
Thanks for reading!
 Peace, Love, and makeup out the WAAHZOO!

Alaina xoxo

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  1. YAY! Just make sure that you lightly pat out the NYX pencils or they will crease and get all chunky.