Monday, March 28, 2011

Matte Monday!

Hello Cupcakes! Welcome to a New installment on The Brrrds Nest..Matte Monday! Instead of a Manic Monday why not have a Matte Mani...sounds way better right?  Check out this manicure I did with O.P.I You Don't Know Jaques! It's a pretty Brey (brown/grey). I love how tame it is. It stands out in its own calm way.

Two Coats of the color and then one coat of Essie's matte about you top coat.
I really don't use my Matte top coats enough..I've got like 16 of them so why not! I love the effect on this color.

I added a little Flower to jazz it up. I used a dotting tool..super simple.

Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!

Alaina xoxo