Friday, March 18, 2011

Candy From Strangers

Hey Loves! Sorry if you are sick and tired of seeing Crackle polishes everywhere you look ha ha. I am just having such a fun time playing with these. The last few times I have been to Sally's Beauty Supply there has been one lonely China Glaze Crackle Polish. I feel so sorry for it that I just HAVE to take it home to be a part of my Polish Family ha ha.

Crushed Candy on top of two coats of Orly Goth. Hmmm...Crushed Candy looks VERY familiar..oh wait thats because it China Glaze For Audrey in Crackle Form.

Basically, EXACTLY the same ha ha. I'm ok with it though because For Audrey is one of my favorite cremes and it's awesome to have a crackle version of it. Crushed Candy cracked great. I tried something different on my pinky and I put it on horizontally. There is a slight difference nothing too huge.

I love the pale Tiffany & Co. blue with black. It is really cool.

So far I am really loving the China Glaze Crackles..It's great having the color options. There are so many awesome combinations that will work together. I want to try them ALLLL! Ha ha. Thanks for reading, following, and commenting!

Peace, Love, and Crushed Candy!

Alaina xoxo

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  1. Nice! I'm currently wearing Crushed Candy over Pelican Grey, It's subtle, but pretty :)