Friday, March 25, 2011

A Day at The Renaissance Festival

 Hazzah!! One of my favorite things to do when Spring comes is visit the Renaissance Festival. The people watching, the shows, the shops, and most of all the FOOD! Check out a few (okay more than a few) pics from our fun times!

"I'm gonna need you to slip this bunny in your purse Momma"

Little Village..I could never go back in time...I would be a wreck...No lip Gloss???!! WHAT!!

I love the idea of the lemons in the water for washing hands.

Excuse me couple behind me...don't you know this is a photo shoot?! Get out of my shot yo! ha!


I think this was directed at me.

cute little shop!

I had a few drinks...what of it?! ha ha

Matched my nails perfectly to my tank. China Glaze// High Hopes ( excuse my busted cuticles :/ )

wiped out.

So that was my day..Minus the Turkey leg, Pastries, Giant Pickle, steak on a stake...oh boy! Luckily we walked off a ton of the calories  we were there for about 7 hours haha. It was a blast!
Thanks for reading!
Peace, Love, and Memorable Family Outings!

Alaina xoxo


  1. I LOVE Renn. Fest! We go for the food and booze. People watching is always entertaining as well! Good Times!

  2. Seems to have been a great day. I never went to a Renaissance Festival i don't think they do it here:)

  3. It was a great day! Thank you for commenting! :)