About Me!

 Hello there! Thanks for checking out my little Blog! My name is Alaina and I'm a silly girl in the Phoenix area with an obsession for nail polish, a passion for my family and a love of all things creative! I have always loved drawing, painting, and crafting. I am currently learning how to sew and expand my creative abilities. I hope you enjoy my adventures in polish, make up, skin care, and maybe the occasional sewing project (fail).

My Nail Story
I used to bite my nails down to disgusting Nubs. It was BAD..nails, cuticles all of that..GROSS! I got so tired of having my hands look like troll hands, so I stopped biting when I went into my freshman year of High school, and hey turns out that my nails aren't so bad looking. All of the Nail pics you see of me are MY REAL NAILS..I have NEVER had Acrylics or any fake nails ever in my life and I do not plan it in the future. Its just not my cup of tea. :)  It wasn't until recently that I stopped biting my cuticles as well. I try and pamper my nails and cuticles now just so I don't have the Urge to bite them anymore. If they look pretty I'll just look and I won't chomp! (ALSO a tip to keeping my fingers out of my mouth is I try and always have lipgloss/lip stick/lip balm on my lips at all times. That helps me A LOT)