Are those your real nails?
 Yes! I am proud to say that my nails are all mine :)

How do you keep your nails from breaking?
There is no sure fire way to prevent breakage but what helps me is keeping them painted at all times. I find that most of my breaks happen when I am not wearing any polish. If I baby my nails and my cuticles I am more careful.

What do you use to care for your nails?
I  try out a lot of different products to care for my nails and cuticles. The main items I always go back to are Sally Hansen's  Instant Cuticle Remover , Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter from Lush, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme (I use this at work since the tin is so small, I take it every where).

What kind of tools do you use for nail art?
 When it comes to nail art, a dotting tool is my best friend. I've gotten them from Sally's Beauty Supply, Michael's, and Ebay. I also paint so through out the years I've gathered many different paint brushes and for certain projects I might alter some of them for my nail art. Ebay is your best bet for nail tools since they are super inexpensive and usually include free shipping. Here are links for my dotting tools and my nail art brushes.

What do you use for clean up?
For clean up I use a stiff brislted angled brush that is supposed to be used for painting, but it works very well. I dip it in pure acetone and it gets the job done every time.

What is your favorite top coat?
For a while I was using only Seche Vite top coat. Recently I started using Diamond Dry: Top Coat Brilliance from Sally's Beauty Supply and it is NO JOKE! It is my new quick dry top coat, you just have to wait 1 minute after application and use it and a few minutes later you are good to go! The best part is, is doens't get all goopy and thick like seche vite!  On top of my top coat I use on of the  scented top coats from Color Club, my favorite one is Dead Ringer it smells just like Daisy from Marc Jacobs.

What kind of camera do you use?
I take my pictures with a Canon Rebel T3i. Keep in mind I am still trying to learn how to use all of the settings to make my pictures come out perfect. It's definitely a learning process.

Why do you need so much nail polish?!
I get this question A LOT, and what I want to say is something not so nice hahaha! What I actually say is.. Painting nails is a hobby, it relaxes me and I love doing it. I consider myself a polish collector and I love having different options as far as colors, finishes, textures ect. It's my thing and I don't consider it a waste of money. I just love it!

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