Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SWATCH: Do You Believe In Stock-Holm?

 Hello! Today I actually have a post for you! YAY! I have been doing some research on how to be a better blogger, because I REALLY do miss it. I ordered a planner to help me become more organized with my life and blogging…hopefully it helps. Anyway, enough of the long drawn out explanation, lets get to the nail polish!

This gorgeous purple creme is from OPI and is called 'Do You Believe in Stock-holm'. I LOVE this color, purple is my favorite so I am biased for sure!

Depending on the lighting this color can go from 'blurple' to just purple. This is two coats and a top coat.

Thank you for reading, and for those who have stuck around Thank you so much!
Alaina XO