Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pure Petunia is Pure Bliss

Hey Dolls! I was in CVS on my lunch break the other day when I found this great deal. Orlys Pure Petunia is a Berry Creme and it is very pretty. This was in a clearance bowl by the Christmas Candy. (I also bought WAYYY too much Chocolate. whoopsie!) This Bottle was only $3.00 so 50% off what Orly usually cost. It was a sign that I had to get it. 

Orly Pure Petunia

beautiful berry creme polish..I LOVE this one..

I am excited to mix and match this polish.  I bet it would look amazing with a coat of glitter or even holographic Polish . The possibilities are endless! Thanks for reading and following if you have. Have a glorious day friends!
Alaina xoxo 


  1. Thank you ladies..The more I look at the pictures the more I fall in love with it.