Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hello Lambs! This post is dedicated to my latest Obsession! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. I have heard a lot of buzz on the interwebs about these highly pigmented Lip glosses so I decided to give em a try. I am so glad I did! I can't wait to collect them all.

The packaging is pretty simple..It was delivered through the USPS and the wait wasn't long at all. I got my shipping confirmation on a Tuesday and they were in my mailbox on Thursday.  :)

 So many great things about this product..Besides the amazing bold color and the lightweight feel you only need a drop of this on a lip brush. you DO NOT want to apply this straight from the tube to your lips. you will be putting on WAY too much. 

This is about all I need. I use  a bigger dot of product because I have big ol  soup coolers! h H


Anime (w/ flash)
Anime is one that I have had my eye on forever! Bright Neon Pink. This stuff is AMAZING its not heavy or sticky its perfect and it stays FOREVER! Just a dot is all you need and it lasts a very long time. One application lasted no lie, for at least six hours.
One down side to these is they so stain a bit. you don't want to get these on your clothes.

Anime (no flash)
This is it after ONE application HOURS later. I couldn't believe it.. well worth the price!
Each lip tar is $13.00 but it is worth it since you only need a tiny bit.  I purchased my Lip Tars online here  If you love makeup you NEED to try this. 


  1. They all look good on you but Harlot looks AMAZING!

  2. Gah! I WANT YOUR LIPS!!!! (on me) I mean.... THEY ARE SO LUSCIOUS!

  3. Owwwww I want these 2!!

  4. Thanks Jennifer! That one is great!

    Thanks Mackenzie..I like my lips one of my favorite features!

    And Danisha these are a have for sure!

  5. They are so pigmented. I got a bunch of them at IMATS but find them kind of drying (others don't). I accidentally squirted one in my mouth and it totally stained my would not come