Sunday, January 9, 2011

She's such a Space Cadet!

Hello lovelies! I got this interesting Orly color called Space Cadet from the Cosmic FX collection recently and it is a Chameleon! I applied Three coats and it didn't seem heavy at all. it only felt like one coat actually.

This color changes from green to purple to copper all very shimmery.It was like a different polish every angle. I got a lot of comment/compliments about this polish when I wore it.

A lot of other "nailies" are comparing this to Hard Candys Beatle..I tried looking for that polish but could find it to compare

I was kind of unsure about this polish in the beginning but it kind of grew on me..It looks very pretty in the sunlight and I love the fact that it changes a bunch!


  1. It's also meant to be a dupe for MAC's Mean and Green from the Venemous Villains collection, and it's also a dead ringer for the polish I'm wearing now - Aztec from Accessorize :) although I think that's UK only.

  2. Ooooh sounds like this unique beauty has quite the few dopplegangers ha ha. Thanks for the info Leanne!