Sunday, December 26, 2010

Whats in the works for the Brrrd Blog!

Hello Loves! I hope You all had an AMAZING Christmas. Mine was great but I am completely spent! After basically 3 Christmases on in 2 days and having to work a full 11 Hours today..I am done for! But I have missed keeping up on my Blog! This is just a quick post to let you all know what I amworking onfor the near future.

**My Best of 2010..make-up and polish
**My new Makeup/Manicure/Blogging Workstation( I am so stoked about the Vanity Area I got for Chrimbo!!)
**New Years Eve Nails and Make-up!
** NYX Haul and review...(still havent used any of the beauiful stuff I ordered weeks ago!)
**SugarPill Review
** Haul
** MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! I really want to do the give away soo bad but I don't have enough followers yet..I am thinking I need at least 25...right now I have 4 ha ha. But I ordered a bunch of stuff from The Body and Head2Toe Beauty and I am working on a custom Franken for my Very First Give away Winner! I am beyond excited to share some of my favorite things with you lovely Ladies(and gentleman too I suppose, but I dont know how many guys want lip gloss and polish haha)
  That is just a few things coming up on the horizon...I need to pimp I mean NETWORK some more to get more followers ha ha but once I have enough I will be posting the instuctions for the Give away Eligibility. Also expect to see more nail designs..some swatches..and other things!

Thank you so much for reading!! Tell your friends!!


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