Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Of 2010! Eye Shadow!

Hello Beauties! I got lots of new beauty products this year but one of my very favorite and most used products would have to be the Urban Decay Book of Shadows. Alice in Wonderland Palette. I LOVE this thing..I told myself I was only going to use it for special occasions but once I started I COULD NOT STOP!

As you can tell from the Pictures..its pretty beat up..whoops! ha ha
When I found out this was coming out I KNEW I had to get it. I saw the Movie and loved it so much. I wish I had bought 2 of them.

I am loving the pop up. I never use the mirror but I guess its cool that it's there. ha 

soooo beat up..It kills me! I know.I am a horrible makeup owner! ha ha
In this pic I've got on Jabberwocky//Wonderland//Midnight Tea Party//and Drink Me, Eat Me..(please keep in mind I am CLEARLY not a Professional Makeup Artist)
This was my look for Halloween( I was a Kitty and the black stripe is a whisker) I've got on Underland (bold purple) A bit of Jabberwocky(sparkly black) White Rabbit (Super Glittery Ivory)
I have used every color in this palette..if not as an eye shadow then as a lip color with a bit of clear gloss. I love the versatility of Eye Shadow!  Do you have this Palette? What are some of your favorites from it? Thanks for reading and following if you have!



  1. I was given this palette for my birthday earlier this year and I love it, but I hardly ever remember to use it! My favourite colours are Queen (Last Call), and Drink Me Eat Me (Sin).

  2. @Dee..Last Call has always been one onf my favorite UD shadows..makes for a great lip color too!
    @Mackenzie..I KNOW RIGHT!! This is your specialty!

    Thanks for the Comments Ladies!