Friday, December 31, 2010

TOKIDOKI!! Most Adorable Makeup Brand on the planet! you know I love nail polish and makeup and all of that good stuff but what you don't know about  is my love for cartoons.. I am 27 years old and I still love watching, and drawing cartoons. I am really just a big kid. I think that is why I HAD to buy this tokidoki Palette (25$ at Sephora) . I didn't even test it..I thought of it as more of a collectible then something I would actually use. I know I am not the only one out there that has purchased something for this reason ha ha.

                                              *tokidoki Adios Palette*
Palette cube in its packaging. It's so fun and cute..I can't handle it..Why didn't I buy the rest?? gah!

Palette Cube.

Candy Cane//Carina

Opened up...

And it comes with a KEYCHAIN?!?! WHAT??! amazing..yes I was this excited in the store ha ha. It doesn't take much to get me  squealing with excitement..especially when I am in Sephora. 

The Makeup portion of it isn't bad at all..I have only tried the lighter ones. I think I used them as a highlight a few times..Adios is you basic matte Black.  Candy Cane is a pearly white shimmer  and Carina is a grayish white with lots of glitter. This is the very first time putting Malandrino on my skin and I actually am kind of digging it..Its a nice grey with a hint of Blue. I think I am going to have actually USE this ha ha.
Thanks for checking out my habit..I mean Hobby :)


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