Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back in Black..Urban Decay: The Black Palette

Urban Decay is one of my favorite Make-up Lines. I fell in love with their bright, funky eyeshadow colors years ago and I have quite the collection. When a new palette gets released I get so excited! I get this feeling that I HAVE to have it..even if I have most of the colors I don't care. (I don't just use my eyeshadow for my eyes ha ha.) I recently saw in the Sephora catalog  the Urban Decay: Black Palette and the colors are beautiful! I bought it and in 4 days my new love was here! Check out the Pikchas!
As always with Urban Decay the Packaging is fun! Black with Sparkles..(I am pretty sure I will buy anything that has glitter on/in it..what can I say...I'm a Sucker)

Black Dog- Dark DARK matte Black
 Barracuda(awesome song!) - Smokey Shimmery grey
Jet-Shimmery Plum
Sabbath- Deep Royal Blue with Shimmer
Cobra- Dark, Rich Olive green with Shimmer
Libertine- Hunter Green with Shimmer

The Bottom three are my favorites!
And as with most UD palettes It also come with a mini 24/7 eyeliner in ZERO and a Mini Primer Potion in Eden (not shown)

I can't wait to dig into this!

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