Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Plate Debate: Konad vs. Bundle Monster

Hey Loves! Just a post to discuss what the different types of plates have to offer. I started with the Konad plates so I think that makes me a bit more comfortable with them. The designs are bigger then the Bundle Monster plates and Honestly I'd rather have excess design on my cuticles that I can easily clean off, then have to do a partial design on the same nail.
my very first Konad plate...amazing..Quick tip for the Konad plates: these plates come with a backing on them..DO NOT peel it's not a sticker..ha ha. I made that mistake. WHOOPS!

The Konad plate is a bit bigger and it has more weight to that works for me. Now as far as the Bundle Monster plates..the price is UNBEATABLE! you get 21 plates for 18 bucks and that is a great deal, there are some fabulous designs. I am more of a full pattern kind of girl then a 1 random item type...and they have some nice patterns..Down side to the plates is they are smaller and the edges are SHARP! I read up and did my research before I purchased mine and even after I ordered...I like to stalk my items and I get all exctied reading about them while they are on their way to me..I am a weirdo I know ha ha. Anyway, thank god I did my research because I could totally have seen myself getting a cut or two from these sharp plates. So what I did was I went to Lowe's Hardware store and purchased some plain white contact paper..I stuck it to the back side of each bundle monster plate and used an exact-o knife to cut it out. It added thickness to the plate so it seems more durable and it's alot safer to Handle so NO CUTS! yay!
The Hounds tooth Pattern is one of my FAVORITES! I use it All the time. Quick tip for the Bundle Monster plates: these plates come with a thin layer of plastic over the DO want to peel this off but BE CAREFUL! the edges are EXTREMELY SHARP...No Joke loves!  I used tweezers for mine.
  The prices on the Konad plates are about 6-7 dollars a plate if you purchase on-line. I have seen kiosks in the mall that have the plates and stamping kits and the prices are RIDICULOUS!! 10-12 dollars PER thank you...I am perfectly fine ordering online for lots cheaper and waiting impatiently for the plates to arrive. Momma didn't raise no fool loves!  Now as far as how the plates work I can get the same crisp clean stamps with either is definitely something that I had to practice though. The Bundle Monster plates were a bit harder to get used to but I have it pretty much down packed and I will being doing a video on how I do my stamping in the very near future.
 As far as preference I do prefer the Konad plates because the designs are bigger and I believe that they are just a bit deeper so you get better transfer on to your stamp. I don't regret buying the Bundle Monster plates though, I use them a lot.
Side by Side..Left Konad Plate M57 Right Bundle Monster Plate  BM19..You can tell the Konad designs are wide..If you have a smaller nail bed then the Bundles monster plates should just perfect :)

I got this cute little Photo Album from target to Hold my plates, you've definitely got to take good care of them because if they bend even just a bit you're screwed.

I purchased my Bundle Monster Plates here : Buy Bundle Monster
I Purchased my Konad plates here: Buy Konad Plates

I hope this helps..If you have any other questions ask in the comments, email me, Or hit me up on twitter! @Electricbrrrd. Thanks for reading and have a great day!



  1. OMG! I remember talking to you about this when we first started talking. *swoon*

  2. I know!It's what brought us together. Thank you Nail stamping!!!