Saturday, December 18, 2010

Festive Christmas Nails!

I'm not even going to begin to list all of the colors I used in this mini art project ha ha. (but if you have ANY questions on any colors or how I did it don't hesitate to ask in the comments or send an email :) ! )
Lets just say it took me a while and its only on my left hand. I cant even IMAGINE how people can do hand painted designs on every nail on both hands. Those are some very talented people!  

The ring nail is supposed to be a present but...yah..looks pretty bad..hey! its the thought that counts though right? :)

Christmas tree..I didn't have a brown nail polish (brown is my least fav color..even though I am brown ha ha..weird!)  so I had to make one for the trunk.

Candy Canes....I know my thumb is massive!

My Favorite! The Snow Man came out so CUTE!

All and all not too shabby for my very first hand painted nail art project. I will definitely try again once I get some more tools. I used mostly a dotting tool and a watercolor brush that I cut down. I really enjoyed this project and this is definitely going to be a sad one to remove. What are you guys doing for your Holiday Manis?  I hope you have a great Holiday and an Awesome New Year!

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