Friday, February 25, 2011

POLISHGASM!!! China Glaze Tronica Collection!!

Excuse the craptastic Cell phone pic :)

I went in to Sally's Beauty Supply to try and find the China Glaze Crackle polishes but I almost passed out when I saw the girl refilling the Tronica Display. I actually kind of rushed the poor girl and got in her personal space a bit but I was so excited. I made sure they were all there and I actually got the last of them. I was so excited to finally get them. They were 5 dollars each with my Sally's Card.

My Beautiful new Holographic Babies... (all pictures are clickable so you can see them up close!)

Laser Lime//Hologram//MegaBite//Electra Magenta

Gamer Glam//Techno Teal//Virtual Violet//High Def

Hyper Haute//Cyberspace//Digital Dawn// 3D Fantasy
I can't wait to play with these beautiful polishes! I have wanted them for months. I am super stoked for Techno Teal Virtual Violet, Cyberspace, Laser Lime, and Electra Magenta. Which ones stand out to you? Keep your eyes peeled for posts featuring these beauties!

Thanks for reading loves!

Alaina xoxo


  1. Alaina.
    Swatches. NOW.

    That is all.

    Actually - do you know how long ChG collections are usually out for in stores? I'm dying to get some of these but I'm going on holiday to Florida in July so I'm hoping to get them the as they're so much cheaper in the US. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know! Thanks hon :)

  2. Awesomeee! I didn't get any from this collection, boo!

  3. I couldn't believe it..They already sold out of the crackles but that was fine by me considering I have had my eye on these for the LONGEST time..It really has boosted my holo collection..I think I had 4 before ha ha..Swatches soon!

  4. Lovebug, you should get nail wheels it will make your swatching easy peasey. I am finding that these holos aren't as rainbow-y as others though. :( But still very pretty!

  5. This is the best picture, the display is full!!! hahaha..My sally's only had 3 left when i went. I keep checking every week and they still only have the ones i bought =( I LOVE this collection!!!

  6. I wish they were more holo, but it only took me 3 trips to Sally's to get the whole collection :)