Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mad about M.A.C Picture lots of mah face!

Hello beauties! I have to tell you a secret...well I guess it isn't a secret if you look at my face but my secret is I have NO idea how to put on foundation. I have tried and tried but I just didnt know how and could never get my color right. I tried liquid and didn't like the way it felt on my face so I just gave up. Recently I have been determined to get it right for me. SO, I went into M.A.C the other day because I know they are friendly and help you all the way through. I know they need to make sales but...I  had a great experience and learned a lot.

                                                                This is what I left with.

I went in and said "I need foundation 101. HEEELLP! I know nothing"
The girl helping me was so sweet. I made sure to go in with a bare face and she thanked me and told me how excited she was to start fresh! I totally get that! When I see someone with naked nails I think 'what would I put on you...hmmmm?' ha ha. I told her I didn't want to use a liquid foundation and I also told her that I have combination skin,  sometimes some parts get oily (around my nose) and some parts get dry  (around my mouth). She suggested I go with the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.

I went in with a bare face and left with almost a full face..everything but mascara.. I love the way everything felt. My skin was still smooth and it didn't feel like I had makeup on at all. I also love the way she did my brows with an angled liner brush and a dark, dark brown shadow. I use a pencil but now I know it is WAY easier to do it with an angled brush and shadow. You can get your brows perfect! I am such a rookie ha ha.
My color for my powder is NC45 it's also the same for the foundation. It doesn't feel heavy on my face and I like that. I will be buying this again. The creme concealer is great too. It helps alot!
Finishing spray for the Studio Plus Powder Foundation. This sets everything and brings it all together. Makes my face dewy and finishes the look. It also smells amazing. I am going to go back and get more.
I had to pick up some shadows..It's an addiction. :) 
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Started a new Palette..
Top: White Frost//Juxt//Bitter//Green Smoke
Middle: Retro Speck//Saddle//Bronze//wood-winked
Bottom: Scene//Smut//Fresh Water

This is me with no makeup on. Sorry to scare you ha ha. ( I am WAY pale! gross! I can't wait for the spring so I can get tan.) Now, my skin isn't bad..I am lucky that I don't get blemishes or break out. I try to drink tons of water and take care of my skin by cleaning my face, giving the occasional scrub, I always keep it moisturized and NEVER go to sleep with make up on. The problems that I have with my skin are the bags under my eyes and the unevenness of it.

Me with make up on..moisturizer, foundation Primer, concealer, foundation powder and a bit too much blush HA! This was my very first time putting it on myself and I was so pleased. It's MUCH better. Yay!

I look so tan! LOVE it! 
What do you ladies use on your face? What's your routine? Are you a liquid or a powder type of girl? Do you use a foundation Primer? If so, which one? I got a free Sample of a primer but I lost it..or my kiddo hid it somewhere ha ha. Oh well..looks like I will just have to go back. ;)  I can't wait to keep practicing and perfect a flawless face! Thanks so much for reading loves.

Alaina xoxo


  1. Wow, you look amazing! I use MAC Prolongwear liquid foundation. I have tried some powder and cream foundations but haven't really liked them. As a primer I use MAC's Matte Gel to help prevent oil.
    Glad you found a great foundation match.

  2. I've always used liquid or cream products but because I'm so oily, I'm trying to switch to powders and I'm kind of playing with different combinations right now.

    You look gorgeous!

  3. Thank you ladies! I am so happy with the results! Thanks for the info...I might have to branch out one of these days!

  4. you look great and amazing cheek bones you have!!! ♥!!

    For primers I tried the Urban Decay face primer/brightner looks amazing in pic gives your face that healthy beautiful glow but not to sure on how much of a primer it is. I had been meaning to try the Avon Magix Face Perfector my sis in law swears by it also great reviews finally ordered it and wow !! i love it !! went out for St. Pattys day and my face felt and looked amazing alllll night also finished with the Urban Decay all night finishing mist(have used it before but what a difference with the Magix) and the Avon Magix is on sale right now for only 6.99 thats a steal in my book I stocked up !! good luck we've been on the awesome primer loook out for a while now!! also want to try the makeupforever primer ....