Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello sweeties! My little princess and I had a Mommy Daughter Bonding day..We went shopping went to the park, got some  yummy cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes in Scottsdale, and then we went to lunch. We had a blast and everyone in my little family loved the cupcakes.

Amazing box of deliciousness!

Red Velvet//Carrot Cake// and my FAVORITE Coconut!  Look how cute they are :)

Jazzy so serious in a cupcake shop!! ha ha

These were the best cupcakes I have ever had in my life! It was such a nice treat! I think I am going to make this a  Mommy Daughter Bonding day tradition!  Thank you so much for reading..I appreciate you all. Don't forget to follow if you haven't followed yet!

Alaina xoxo

P.S. Random post but more nail and makeup posts soon! Bye Dolls!


  1. Is that your little girl? She's so cuuuuuute. I love it when kids pull the serious face. :-D

  2. Those cupcakes look yummy. Your daughter is adorable--I was laughing at her serious face in the cupcake shop--bakeries are serious business!

  3. Oh my! those cupcakes look delicious :), you girl is soo cute.


  4. Thanks Ladies! Yes that is my little Boo. haha She takes her baked goods very seriously. Thank you for reading!

  5. That is my future step daughter! LOL! Can I have a bite of the red velvet? LOL