Thursday, February 17, 2011

One time I went to Sephora and lost my mind...(Pic Heavy post)

Hello ladies...Like a lot of you clearly know I am addicted to makeup and the other day I basically lost my damn mind in Sephora..check it out!

Sephora Glitter Eyeliner. I love this eyeliner because it is so beautiful and inexpensive compared to others..but the Gold one I have burns so bad! Thank goodness it's just during the application for me...that's why I purchased 3 more..ha ha. Beauty is pain I guess.
Trying the Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer...and picked up some of my FAVORITE Mascara..It makes my pathetic lashes look amazing! It smells really good too!

I might not necessarily NEED a Lip Plumper but I just love the tingle that this one has. It does give my lips a bit of a boost in the pout department also ;)

Illasmasqua Nail Varnish in Baptiste..I can never have too many purple polishes and I have had my eyes on this beauty for a while. I have seen it in the blogasphere and I decided to splurge.

Another splurge was Illamasqua Liquid Metal eye cream eyeshadow. I saw this and was like WHAT IN THE EFF!! I need this in my life. It is soo Pigmented and lovely. 

UD Lipstick//Buzzkill and Liquid Liner in Perversion

The detail on the lipstick bullet is cool

I can't wait to try the lipstick!

I decided to give the new UD shadow pencils a shot..this purple is magnificent! 
UD Shadow Pencil in Delinquent 

My first NARS items...I have to say I love the packaging. 

NARS Night Clubbing Eye Shadow// NARS Orgasm Blush//NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss. What can I say Drake got to me ;)


Peachy shimmer

NARS Blush//Deep Throat. (hehe)
LOVE this Urban Decay cream highlight in Sin. Not greasy or goes on very light and is super beautiful. I have been putting it on my brow bone. I am a sucker for skulls also so the packaging is also a HUGE thumbs up! Super rad!

It's so pretty. I have the Sin Primer potion and I use it constantly. There are tons of places to use this highlight, eyes, cheeks I'd even use some on my lips! There was another one I had my eye on too...Brown Sugar it was Beautiful!

I got this as one of my 3 free samples during the summer and I loved it so much I had to get the big one. I made that little sample last along time ha ha.  It's a very fresh and clean scent. I get complimented on it whenever I wear it. These are the notes listed on the Sephora Website: Violet Leaf, Bitter Orange, Pink Berry, Aquatic Accord, Egyption Jasmine, Frangipani Flower, Musk, Tonka Bean, Moss. This fragrance is definitely worth a sniff! 

Thanks for checking out my Sephora Haul loves!! I can't wait to try the new stuff! Anything you would like to try? Or HAVE tried..what do ya think?


  1. This makes me want a Sephora in England so bad!! LOL

    Kaushal xx

  2. Awesome picks! I love Lash Injection mascara. And Baptiste is soooo pretty!

  3. Thank you ladies!Sephora is a dangerous place for me. I could (and have) spend hours there.