Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Flakey Apocalypse...

Hi Everyone! 
I was  eyeing the prizes in my giveaway and I found myself staring at the NUBAR 2010 Flakey polish for a bit too long. It is so pretty I just had to dive into my collection and get out my bottle to put it on my nails!  I had on Urban Decay Apocalypse and I added one coat of 2010. Check out the pictures..I really wish the camera did this effect justice. It is SO much better in person.

flash...so sexy!

No flash
Look at how freakin cool! This is just one coat of the Nubar 2010 over one coat of Urban Decays Apocalypse, a dark vampy purple creme. Reminded me a lot of VIII from China Glaze.

For a chance to win a BRAND NEW bottle of this Flakey Beauty please enter my giveaway! there is a week left to enter! Click the link for details and to enter!

Thank you for reading!

Alaina xoxo


  1. LOVE THIS! I just ordered 2010 and it should get here this week. Now I am even more excited!

  2. Thank you! This is a fun polish for sure! Seems like the most popular item in my giveaway too :)