Thursday, August 11, 2011

Colorful Sponge Manicure

Hello friends! Check out this sponge manicure I did. It had been a long time since I did a spongee manicure and I have never done one with so many colors. I love it! I went through my collection and picked a bunch of colors I thought would look pretty together.
I used Finger Paints Papier Mache for the white base, then using these eyeshadow sponges that I bought from Walgreens for like 3 dollars. I randomly dabbed on the color. Something I have learned with doing these sponge manicures is after you put the polish on the sponge let it sit for a minute so it gets a bit tacky, then dab on your color. The sponge effect will show up much better.

Senorita Bonita in my hand. I love this Purple!

The sponge manicure is such an easy way to get creative with your nail art!

All polishes used from L-R
Shower Together, SeƱorita Bonita, Four LeafClover, Electric Pineapple, Rich & Famous, Custom Kicks

My work area...not as messy as I thought it was going to be haha.
I hope you guys enjoyed this bright fun manicure! I also want to take a minute to thank you all for following and if you have entered my give away THANK YOU so much!! I really appreciate all of my  followers and the comments you leave. You guys are awesome! If you have not entered you can enter here My Giveaway! 

Thank you for reading I hope you like! 

Alaina xoxo


  1. Very pretty! Reminds me almost of an Easter egg. I am going to try some sponging myself soon.

  2. This is very cool!! I always have problems with sponging, but might have to try the cheap little eyeshadow sponge applicators cause foundation sponges don't work for me.

  3. Very pretty! Love the array of colors!

  4. wow this is very very gorgeous!!! love the colours

    shel xx

  5. Ohh they look great,very pretty! =)