Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Home Movies Nails

Ok, so if you didn't already know that I have a severe love for cartoons here is another example. Home Movies Nails! Adult Swim on Cartoon Network used to play this show but I think now they only play King of the Hill and Family guy on repeat. If you have never watched this, I highly recommend it! You Can find all 4 seasons on Netflix.

Brendan, Melissa and my favorite little Weirdo Jason.

Three friends that make films together.

Brendan was such a touch one to interpret on a small canvas. Every shot of him is a sideways shot to capture his pointy nose and crazy hair, not something I could do on my nail, Womp womp.

A television set on the thumb which is the shows Logo, and Soccer Balls on the Pinky because these kids not only make movies, but they are also soccer stars. 
Thanks a bunch for checking these out! I don't want to take these guys off of my nails, but the life of a nail artist is a cruel one for pretty manicures. Until next time Friends!

Alaina xoxo

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