Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Hello Friends! I have really missed doing custom hand painted manicures. I have been wanting to do more but I just didn't have the correct tools, so I finally decided to purchase some new brushes and paints specifically for doing custom painted manicures. I am a bit rusty and working with new brushes, so bear with me while I get into the swing of things.(is it bear with me or bare with me? hmmm hahaha!) Why not start things off with a St. Patricks Day Manicure!

I'm holding 'Treasure Chest' from China Glaze a beautiful chunky gold glitter in a clear base. I used some of this gold gem for the glitter gradient on my middle finger. I use mostly acrylic paint for the designs, it dries super fast and is great for color mixing.

A cute leprechaun..gold glitter gradient..a rainbow and a pot of gold! Cute! 

I think my favorite is the pot of gold. :)

I hope you guys like this one! What are you going to be up to on St. Patricks Day? Anyone going to be enjoying some green brew? Whatever it is you do..Be safe and have fun!

Alaina xoxo 


  1. Very cute! Your leprechaun looks similar to one I did last week :D

  2. That manicure is brilliant! I'm going to have to do a Paddy's Day mani too - it'd be rude not to seeing as I'm Irish :P