Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Has it really been over a year..

I know I've been absent for the longest and have been a terrible nail blogger! I've missed it so much! These days I just post my nails on Instagram because it's so fast and easy, but I will try my best to bring more to this here blog!
I would actually like to expand what I share here. My life is so much more than nail polish and make up and I want to share it all!! Well...most of it! Lol Thank you to those who have stuck around... I love you!!!
Here is a happy and RECENT picture of me smiling with mermaid hair to try and distract you from me being a shitty blogger hahahaha! Yay! :) 
On that note, I look forward to a fresh and fun start with you lovely people! Stay tuned!!

Alaina xoxo

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