Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nothing Else Metals

Hello my beautiful friends! The other day I wasn't feeling so good so to cheer me up my honey surprised me with a new nail polish. He did a great job picking because it's a polish that I've wanted for a while but didn't have and the color is so pretty. It is not easy buying nail polish for me considering I have Hundreds of bottles.
Essie Nothing Else Metals is a metallic silver/purple and it is my new favorite to stamp with. NEM stamped like a dream and I can't wait to try the other shades from this collection  

I used Mash plate Mash-49 to add the stars on a black base which is one coat of Orly Liquid Leather, the best black polish on the market.

I am obsessed with these nails, I planned on doing 4 or 5 different manicures in one sitting to get some back up posts started but I stopped at this one. Hahaha this is way too pretty to not have for a few hours! :)  GOOD JOB HONEY! You're amazing, thank you so much for one of my new favs! 
Thanks for reading, I hope you all like this one.

Alaina xoxox

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