Monday, February 27, 2012

O.P.I Mini Haul: Nicki Minaj Collection

Hello Darlings! Sorry for my Lack of posts lately, I just got a new camera and I have been learning how to use it. I am still working on it but it's coming along quite nicely and I am learning a lot! My pictures have come out pretty well so far though! I hope that you all agree! :) I haven't done a polish haul for quite some time and I have been craving some new polish babies lately so I decided to do a little find was very satisfying. Check it out!
    O.P.I Nicki Minaj collection....well most of them I didn't get the Crackle.
Now when it comes to Nicki Minaj I am NOT a fan of her music. I enjoy real hip hop and artists with talent *hides from stares of daggers and cyber rocks being thrown*. With that being said, I think she is very interesting and not afraid to be out there which I give her props for. Another thing I give props for is this amazing collection that has her name stamped all over it! 

Beautiful Spring Cremes L-R
'That's Hot! Pink' (this was on clearance at Ulta so I had to give it a home it's not part of Nicki's Collection) Bright Hot PINK!, 'Pink Friday' a baby pink creme, 'Did It On 'Em'  bold yellow/green or Chartreuse, 'Fly' Teal Cream that I can't take my eyes off of.

'Save Me'
This Polish is so exciting and I just love the mini Holographic glittery strips! I don't have anything like this at all! This is by far my favorite of the Nicki Minaj Collection! I can't wait to put a few coats of this sexy polish over black. drool.

'Metallic 4 Life'  Chunky and not so chunky silver glitter in a black base, and once again 'Fly'. Fly is the younger brother of China Glazes 'Shower Together' if not younger than an identical twin. Teal + Creme = amazeB's!
Thank you so much for checking out my new loves! Remember to check back for the Giveaway Winner announcement coming on February 29th!

Alaina xoxo

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